Spiritual Counselling & Psychotherapy Options

Spiritual Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Personal Therapy for All Issues

Personal Centred Therapy is a one to one experience between Therapist  & Client, tailored to suit the individual needs. The therapist provides a safe, caring, confidential space to explore their feelings, gently facilitating them to work through life issues by empowering them to make the life changes they need to.

Spiritual Counselling, Life Path

Spiritual Counselling & Life Path is a one to one experience with client and therapist focusing on their specific life path and Spiritual Believes. The Therapist provides a confidential safe space to facilitate them to do so and this shall be experiential in nature.

Bereavement & Loss, Trauma & Sudden Death

Gentle sensitive counselling providing a safe space for the client to confidentially express and work through their loss with the Therapist support during this difficult time.

Suicide Survivors & Family

Therapist provides a confidential safe space for the client to work through their traumas and loss regardless if they are a survivor or a love one left behind. It a person centred approached to their needs as this delicate time. 

Psycho-Oncology & Cancer

The Therapist / Nurse facilitates client through a series of one to one confidential sessions to work through their or a family members cancer journey. By providing a safe environment and allowing them to explore their experience and facilitating them to work through it. 

Long Term Illness & Counselling

Therapist / Nurse facilitates client to explore the impact of long term illness on their quality of life by providing supportive measures in a one to one confidential session. In addition to empowering the client to make the appropriate life changes and supporting them through it.

Family Constellation Therapy

Therapist Facilitates Group To work through Family issues related to ancestors and present time. Not Active at this time.

Therapeutic Creative Art Therapy

Through Creativity, the Therapist facilitates the client to work through their issues in confidential one to one or group setting and supports them through any issues that may arise.

Therapeutic Button Therapy

This is unique to the Therapist, where with the use of buttons, the client can confidentially work through relationship issues in a creative way.

Therapeutic Angelic Therapy

Therapist work with Angelic Energy to facilitate the client to heal and work through any  emotional issues in a confidential healing safe space.

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