Health Healing and Well Being Options

Health Healing and Well Being.

Self Care Assessment: Body, Mind & Spirit

Self Care Assessment on every level. Body, mind and spirit facilitates you to Develop a personal Self Care Plan .The workshop shall enable you to promote or enhance health and well-being and manage stress. By identifying your stressors and also activities that can support you to achieve this.

Self Care Workshops: Body, Mind & Spirit

Self Care is a personal matter, unique to each individuals desires or requirements to look after their well-being so that they can cope and commit to both their personal and professional commitments. In this work shop you shall develop your own Self Care Plan tailored to your specific lifestyle.

Self Care & Well Being

In this workshop one shall explore well-being techniques and strategies to ultimately achieve life balance & well being on every level Body, Mind & Spirited. 

Divine Essence Crystal Healing

Crystal Wheel for Raising Vibrations and Clearing

The Crystal wheel is  made up of a specific selection of crystals based on the elements. It is  used to raise vibrations on individual basis in  person or through distance healing to clear energies in places, spaces or groups of individuals

Angelic Reiki & Chakra Healing

The Therapist combines Angelic Reiki energy healing with  Chakra clearing & Healing by working with the appropriate Associated Angel for the specific Chakras that are blocked. She identifies the blockages and facilitates you through a beautiful gentle restoration of in blocking the Chakra. 

Angelic Healing Therapies

The client experiences the essence of the gentile presents of the angels in combination with a relaxed atmosphere regardless if it is in person or a distance healing. Even if the person does not believe in angels, the healing shall work. Angels are beings of loving light who are associated with their own specific healing colour. The Therapist acts as the conduit to channel the connection between the client and the Angels - a profound experience.


Therapeutic Cutting of the Ties

A profound creative healing experience,  with angelic presence including meditation and visualization, where the client releases the negative ties that binds them  to the past, present or future. It is powerful a experience and many find it life changing within the weeks that followed.

Life Line Review and Genograph

The Therapist works with the client by Creating a Life Line  and Genogram by building on their family history and lived  experiences .In doing so, they can  identify blocks or areas that require healing so that  the client can work through the releasing and healing process . This, an amazing process that can relief pain and promote well-being.

Vision Boards and Dream Letters

This is a creative experience where you create your dreams or set goals to bring  your desires into your life. This is achieved as you can see by designing your dream or vision board or in the same way writing a vision letter. In doing so, you're affirming what you desire and not what you don't want. Again, this a positive affirming exercise and definitely life changing.

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