Extra Special Reading Options

Extra Special Reading.

Special Rose Reading

Unique intuitively Guided Rose Reading Using a Rose, Cards & Photos. A Message that continues Long after Your Reading is over .

Angel Numbers Reading

Angelic Guided Selection of Numbers from Your Name, Date of Birth Or You choose the Numbers. Combined with Intuitive Channelled Reading.

Numerology Reading & Chart

Numerology is the Science of Number and Meanings. Identifies Personality Traits, Future Obstacles,  Unique Talents and Numbers Specific to you.  For Additional Fee: Numerology Chart provides detailed feed back for all of the above. 


Combination Reading: Numerology and Angel Numbers.

Combination: Channelled Reading and Numbers

Angel Numbers, Numerology and Oracle Cards.

Feather and Card Readings

Psychic Reading with Specific Oracle Cards and Your Choice of Feathers.

Coloured Therapy Guidance Reading

Intuitive Psychic Messages & Guidance With a  Secret Language of  Colour.

Tea Leaf Reading with Specific Cards

Intuitive Psychic Messages  From specifically Designed Deck specific to Tea Leave Reading. Combined with a cup of tea leaves readings also. 

Intuitive Chakra Reading

A Psychic Connection to the Chakras to Identity any Blockages with Regards  to Mental, Emotional and Physical Well Being. A Combination of Specialised Decks of Cards Used for Clearing and Healing.

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Special Rose Reading:

USA $120 : AUS $120:

CAN $130: IRL €100:

UK £90.

Email Me For Details

30 Minute Session:

USA $70 : AUS $75: CAN $80:

IRL €40: UK £35.

60  Minute Session:

USA $100 : AUS $100:

CAN $120: IRL €80: UK £70.

Email Reading:

 USA $35: AUS $35 : CAN $35 :

IRL €35 : UK £35.

Special Rates  Max 15 min 

Per Min: USA $2: AUS $2:

CAN $2: IRL €1: UK £1.