Educational and Creative Workshops Options

educational and Creative Workshops.

Connecting with your Guardian Angel

By Meditation, Channelling, Healing, Visualization and Creativity to Connect with your Guardian Angel, you shall experience  a profound sense of healing, connecting with your Angels and in most cases receive a message.

Connecting with Arch Angels and Guides

This is a beautiful High Vibration Connection to Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and more through Meditation ,Healing beautiful White Light. It's a  beautiful experience not to be missed.

Graduate Angel Card Reader

Graduate Angel Card Reader (GACR) is a certified course with a "Doreen Virtue Graduate " so that you too can teach and take your Angel Card Intuitive Readings to another Higher Level of Accuracy.

Graduate Oracle Card Reader

Graduate Oracle Card Reader,(GOCR) is a selective training. A certified course working with Oracle Cards, the Angels & Guides to channel your reading and ultimately  provide a more accurate reading.

Graduate Certified Fairologist.

Graduate Certified Fairoligist (GCF) is a specific certified course working with the fairy energy and Fairy Cards to provide a light Hearted Accurate uplifting Magical Fairy Reading.

Graduate Tarot Card Reader

Graduate Tarot Card Reader (GTCR) is a certified training in Tarot Cards, giving you the understanding and knowledge to give accurate reading to our clients .

Graduate Angel & Tarot Card Reader

Graduate Angel & Tarot Card Reader (GATCR) is a combination of certification and training in Reading Angel and Tarot Cards. Therefore, you are able to give your client  additional insights and a very comprehensive accurate reading.

Graduate Angel & Oracle Card Reader

Graduate Angel & Oracle Card Reader.(GAOCR). This is a combination of certification in Angel & Oracle Cards where the Reader can channel the Intuitive Reading with Angel & Guides ultimately giving an accurate reading to the client.

Graduate Angel, Oracle & Tarot Card Reader

Graduate Angel ,Oracle & Tarot Card Reader (GAOTCR). It is a combination and certification in reading  Angel, Oracle & Tarot together. This Combination gives the client a much broader accurate  reading .

Graduate Pendulum Reader

Graduate Pendulum Reader (GPR) is a certification in Pendulum Reading exploring illness, Healing, Yes or No Answers in addition to much more such as time frames and  initials.

Angel Art Therapy

This is a Creative Workshop where the client connects with their Guardian Angel through colour and painting. It is a combination of visualisation and Healing modalities.

Cards That Unlock The Door To Your Creativity

This is a combination of three  special creative decks of card to open you up to the gift of painting and art. If you don't know where to start, this shall assist you in the most basic way but ultimately gives one confidence in painting.

Creative Crystal Workshop

This workshop shall explore crystals; their healing abilities and you shall discover or  get to choose the ones that shall work  your energies and chakras. It shall consist of healing, training and Attunment to the crystal. Also a mini Crystal Card Reading.

Creative Story Telling

Creative Story Telling is a very empowering method of setting your goals and making your dreams a reality. It's fun and a fantastic method of distressing and it's a very interactive experience.

Cutting Ancestral Ties With Button & Family Constellation Therapy

This is a group workshop using Buttons to build the family tree with an exploration and experimental family constellation. 

Mindfulness Creates Life Balance

Mindfulness is the a process where one brings their external experiences and internal experiences through meditation into the present moment. This is a mindfulness based workshop combining breathing, tactile response, the senses with creativity to provide you with techniques to remain mindful and maintain life balance.

Creative Laughter Therapy

Creative Laughter  Therapy .This is a combination of laughter yoga exercises concentrating on  breath work, psychodrama, dance and meditation to empower well being, team building, boost the immune system, exercise and increase the feel good factor. 

Creative Jewellery Therapy

Creative jewellery therapy is a method or form of meditation where one comes out of their head and into their hands preventing negative thinking and helping with emotional blockages but also a divine & Angelic  connection.

Children's Creative Workshops

Creative Fun Work Shop for Children utilizing many modalities. 

Children's Angelic Workshops

Angelic Work Shop for children and Mother & Daughters or Fathers & Sons. This gentle workshop consists of creativity, painting and creative Reading.

Children's Mindfulness & Crystal Healing Workshop

This is a beautiful Work Shop Combining Mindfulness Meditation with a Beautiful Crystal Journey.

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