Animal Reading Options

Animal Reading.

Animal Reading & Healing

Psychic Connection to the Animals Energy With or Without Photo. Channelling Their Physical, Emotional, Grief, Pain or Trauma By Sitting Into Their Energy.

Animal Crystal Healing

Psychic Channels - The Physical and Emotional Energy.  Provides Feed Back On Their Well Being By Introducing Crystals - Healing takes place with the Appropriate Crystal. Distance Healing Included.

Animal Reading & Rikki Healing

Rikki Healer identifies the Physical, Emotional Well Being & Ailments by Sitting Into Their Energy and then provides Rikki Healing. Distance Healing Included.

Animal & Four Legged Baby Meditation

Relaxation Techniques With Their Love One To Facilitate A More Relaxed Animal. This is
done in Group Or One to One.

The Angels thank you for visiting my website and acknowledge your presence. If you would like to make a booking please check below. Angel Blessings, Bernadette.

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30 Minute Session:

USA $70 : AUS $75: CAN $80:

IRL €40: UK £35.

60  Minute Session:

USA $100 : AUS $100:

CAN $120: IRL €80: UK £70.

Email Reading:

 USA $35: AUS $35 : CAN $35 :

IRL €35 : UK £35.

Special Rates  Max 15 min 

Per Min: USA $2: AUS $2:

CAN $2: IRL €1: UK £1.

Group Reading :
USA: $270: AUS: $350:
CAN:$350: IRE: €250:
UK £215: